About Us

Budapest Apartments Holiday is based in Budapest and has a portfolio of over thirty apartments available for rent.

Our staff has the pleasure to satisfy all the needs of the client.
For the confident traveller it is the answer to over expensive, over formal and boring visits in hotels.
Information, Competence, Experience. These are the main characteristics of our services! Don't forget that we are owner of all Budapest Apartments Holiday. apartments. This is means NO AGENCY COSTS!
You can speak directly with the owner and for this reason Budapest Apartments Holiday. could offer you the best quality-price apartment for your stay in Budapest!
The quality , the location , the details...

Our flats are located in the main districts of Budapest, and in this way, they reflect the culture of the city in which you find yourself.
Enjoy your amazing experience, find your accomodation in our comfortable flats! You can let them for a minimum of a few days to several months
There isn’t a minimum period of stay. You can book your flat for the days you want with Budapest Apartments Holiday!

“Budapest Apartments Holiday” also has a wide range of apartment-offers for students.
With a selection of Apartments foreign or local students could find useful and wide flats at reasonable prices, near the main universities.
Chill out, put your feet up and relax in your own space. Get up when you want, eat when you want, entertain if you like or have a board meeting; you can do it all! For more information please visit this website


Don’t forget that our office/reception is located in Ferenciek Tere n.4 - 1053 Budapest, HungaryFor any information or disease our office will represent your point of reference.